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A flatter, firmer waistline, a beautifully contoured profile, increased confidence, improved overall appearance, contact Tummy Tuck Fresno today and let us bring all this to fruition.


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If you’re unhappy with loose, sagging skin on your stomach due to your dramatic weight loss or following multiple pregnancies that have left your abdominal area lumpy, sagging and sad, contact Tummy Tuck Fresno today! If you’ve been wondering “what is a tummy tuck procedure?” and “is it right for you?”

We can answer all your questions and guide you to a more sculpted, contoured midsection that is flatter, firmer and has a more toned appearance. If you’re looking for the best tummy tuck surgeon in Fresno to perform the best tummy tuck in Fresno, look no further! Our board certified, fully accredited plastic surgeons can help you discover what is achievable for your particular circumstance. Don’t wait, contact us today for a free consultation!


About Tummy Tuck Fresno CA

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A tummy tuck for women or men is one of the more commonly popular procedures in bringing back a more youthful-looking appearance. Targeting a flabby midsection that has undergone dramatic changes due to substantial weight fluctuations, multiple pregnancies, aging and genetics, a tummy or stomach tuck might be the answer you’re looking for.

This procedure is appropriate when the abdominal muscles that have become weakened or separated and skin around the abdominal area has become stretched and sagging and is unable to return to the smaller contours of your body despite all your best efforts. Our skillful plastic surgeons can repair the muscles and improve the contours of your stomach and waistline by removing the excess skin and stubborn fat deposits, giving you the smooth, flat waistline you’ve been imagining.

This transformation can be exciting and satisfying when you’ve been trying to do all the right things, losing the weight, raising your kids, opting for healthier foods and exercising continually and still can’t manage to tighten and tone your midsection. Realizing that it’s not because you’re not doing the right things, but because that area needs just a little extra help that can make a huge difference in your outlook and your motivation.

At Fresno Tummy Tuck, our mission is to help you through this process of discovery and transformation. Helping patients achieve realistic and beautiful body image goals is where our expertise lies and we’ve been doing it successfully here in the Fresno area for many years.

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Why Choose Us?

Fresno Abdominoplasty understands that it’s normal for the body to store a moderate amount of fat in and around the abdomen. Sadly, for many people, the waistline can develop excess amounts of fat that protrudes and paunches causing discomfort and unhappiness with your appearance.

For those who have had multiple pregnancies or lost substantial amounts of weight, the abdominal area probably has excess and sagging skin, not to mention stretch marks. Of course, the other issue is that abdominal muscles have been weakened and/or separated and are unable to engage to keep the core firm and tight.

Tummy Tuck Fresno addresses all of these problems removing the excess skin and stubborn fat and repairing and tightening the abdominal muscles creating a slimmer, firmer, more contoured waistline.

Important items to factor in when looking for the best tummy tuck doctor in Fresno are:

  • Is my surgeon fully accredited and board certified?
  • Is my surgeon experienced, skillful and caring?
  • Are my goals realistic and have I been able to communicate easily what my expectations are?
  • Has time been taken to explain to me exactly what I should expect, from what the surgery will entail, what tummy tuck recovery time looks like and how long before
  • I see the results of the surgery?

At Fresno Abdominoplasty, our mission is to fulfill all of these factors and more. Offering a free consultation and ample communication so that we understand what you’re looking for and you understand what can be achieved.

We encourage questions, we show pictures so our work can speak for itself. Helping you get the results that you want in a safe, comfortable environment is our priority. Contact us today, don’t delay.

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What To Expect?

Tummy Tuck Fresno wants you to know what you can expect for a tummy tuck procedure. In preparing for the tummy tuck procedure, you’ll have a consultation with your surgeon and together you will make a plan to achieve the results that you desire.

Your surgeon will examine you, answer your questions and concerns and make sure that your expectations are realistic and achievable. Before the surgery it is advisable for you to maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan to boost the immune system and aid in the recovery process. You will be instructed to avoid taking aspirin or other blood thinning products and to refrain from smoking. These and any other guidelines given to you by your surgeon will help you to a speedy recovery and reduce surgery risks.

During the procedure, incisions are carefully placed so that scarring will be less noticeable. Excess skin and fat in the stomach are removed and abdominal muscles are tightened and sutured into place. If necessary, the belly button is repositioned on your newly tightened abdomen and liposuction is used to contour areas for a more flattering and appealing waistline.

Tummy tuck procedures are performed under general anesthesia and take approximately 2-5 hours depending on the extent of the surgery needed. Patients should be driven home to rest by a family member or friend.

Tummy Tuck recovery time varies from person to person. Generally, it is difficult to stand straight for the first couple of days because of soreness and tightness.

A compression garment is worn to help with swelling. Gentle walking is encouraged to aid in healing and blood flow. Most people can return to light/easy work in 2 weeks, but manual labor, heavy lifting and vigorous exercise should be avoided for 6-8 weeks (or until your surgeon gives you the go ahead) to allow muscles to heal properly and completely.



At Abdominoplasty Fresno, other services are often combined with tummy tuck procedures to create a more dramatic transformation. A consultation will help determine what you are hoping for and what procedure(s) you will need to accomplish the results you have in mind.

Our Tummy tuck procedures include:

fresno tummy tuck options

Mini Tummy Tuck

Also called mini abdominoplasty Fresno, is sometimes a great alternative to the full procedure. Essentially involving a shorter incision, this technique is used for patients who have excess skin and fat below the belly button. The abdominal muscles can still be tightened when necessary and the belly button is left untouched. Patients who undergo mini tummy tuck Fresno should be in relatively good shape with good skin tone.

Full Tummy Tuck

Also known as a traditional tummy tuck, transforms the abdomen and restores a firmer, flatter, far more attractive profile. This procedure removes excess skin and fat, tightens the muscle structure in the abdominal area and restores a firm, trimmer appearance. Also, the belly button may be repositioned. For patients with stretch marks, it’s important to understand that these can’t be completely removed or repaired, but the procedure is capable of diminishing the appearance with the overall tightening and excess skin removal.

Extended Tummy Tuck

An extended tummy tuck might be recommended when there is a need for major skin tightening and body contouring. Generally performed on patients who have had massive weight loss, this technique was developed because sometimes patients were dissatisfied when a full tummy tuck didn’t achieve what they had hoped. The incision is extended around the navel, flank and lower back depending on necessity and the belly button will also be repositioned.

fresno male tummy tuck

Male Tummy Tuck

If you’ve been quietly searching your phone for a male tummy tuck near me, don’t be self conscious, tummy tuck procedures are popular for men as well as women and we offer the same caring professionalism for our male clientele, so give us a call and we’ll set up a consultation.

Service Area

About Fresno

Starting off as just a small stop along the Central Pacific Railroad, Fresno grew into a magnetic metropolitan area that attracts agriculturally-minded people from all over the world. Surrounded by Fresno County’s farms, which produces a number of organic foods from nuts to fruits, the city is a bustling metropolis, attracting many with its diverse job market and relatively inexpensive housing, not to mention an array of cultural attractions.

From its famous Tower district, which hosts the artsy Rogue Festival, classic car show, regular film festival and a row of restaurants to tempt every palate, to the minor league Fresno Grizzlies baseball games and beloved events like the annual Civil War Revisited reenactment and much more, there’s never a minute without something to do.

There’s plenty of natural beauty to be enjoyed around Fresno, from the San Joaquin River running along the metro region’s northern boundary, to the parks peppered throughout the city. Not to mention Millerton Lake, located just 20 miles north, which is a popular fishing, boating and picnicking area.

Surrounding suburbs include:

  • Clovis
  • Reedley
  • Sanger
  • Kingsburg
  • Madera Acres
  • Fowler
  • Sunnyside
  • Tarpey Village
  • West Park
  • And many other surrounding areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) addresses issues with the abdominal area when substantial weight fluctuations or pregnancy, coupled with age and genetics combine to create loose, sagging, excess skin, stubborn fat deposits and weakened abdominal muscles that leave the stomach and waistline contours unsightly and unflattering, resulting in you feeling unhappy or unattractive. This procedure can repair the weakened abdominal wall, remove excess skin and fat, making your abdomen firmer, flatter and more naturally contoured, giving you a slim, sleek silhouette.

How much is a Tummy Tuck in Fresno?

Tummy tuck prices vary depending on which procedure(s) you and your surgeon determine are necessary to achieve the results you’re hoping for. A thorough examination and consultation is the best way to get an accurate quote for the abdominoplasty costs. Contact us today, the consultation is free and then you can know exactly how much to budget for.

If my insurance won’t cover a tummy tuck, how can I afford it?

Tummy tucks aren’t generally covered by insurance as they are most often considered elective cosmetic surgery. Keeping tummy tuck cost Fresno affordable through financing options is something we offer. We feel strongly that, more important than finding someone who offers a cheap tummy tuck Fresno, is finding someone who is fully accredited and experienced in this procedure, so that your safety and well-being are the top priority. Contact us today and ask us about financing options.

Can I have more children after my tummy tuck procedure?

It is strongly recommended that women wait to have a tummy tuck procedure until after they are completely finished having children and waiting an extra 6-12 months after your last pregnancy to give your body time to heal. While it is still possible to have children, a pregnancy will greatly alter the results of your tummy tuck.

Customer Testimonials

Tummy Tuck Reviews


I am very happy with the care I received at Fresno Tummy Tuck. My surgeon was wonderful, the staff was amazing and my results were amazing also. I felt it was definitely worth the money and time it took to heal.

Stephanie B.


Don’t get me started on my new belly button. I have a hard enough time not showing it off to everyone I see. The folds are gone, the flab is gone and there sits my belly button looking perky and uncrowded. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Fawn M.


So I didn’t think I was the type to do cosmetic surgery. My wife actually convinced me because she was tired of hearing me complain about my spare tire that had deflated into a flat spare tire. It was well worth it and the doc was great!

Vinny G.

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Our friendly, caring staff are waiting to hear from you and get the ball rolling on this journey to a slim, sleek silhouette.

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